Registration & Race Kit Collection

The registration & race kit collection 

Date: 26 April 2015 (Sunday)

Time : starting at 4.30 am

Location: At parking lot Kolej Kedua UPM

Just proceed to registration counter and follow the instruction given.
P/s: Please bring also your identity card/passport and slip of payment during the race day to avoid inconvenience and please bring any medical equipment if you have any medical illness.
Goodies bag will be given after the race.

Flag Off : 6.30am

***for those who haven’t registered yet, there will be counter open for manual registration on that day.


One thought on “Registration & Race Kit Collection

  1. Hi,

    For next event, please be PUNCTUAL. People who came so early are not being appreciated. We came 4.30am, as per told in the advertisement. Please start on time irregardless of who came late.
    Signage should be properly hang or placed, so people who never came to the venue may find it easier, instead of driving around with no one to ask including the security who fall asleep.

    Despite of all, congrats for organizing such event. Time is PRECIOUS!

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