Online Registration

Bayaran: RM60(awam)  RM40(Warga UPM)
Payment: RM60(publics)  RM40(UPM Residents)

Bayaran hendaklah dibuat sebelum pendaftaran atas talian.
Payment should be made before online registration.

No akaun/ Account No :

114021884175 (MAYBANK)

Please kindly email the proof of transaction to with the following FORMAT:

SUBJECT : RFL6.0 2017
CONTENT : Name & IC Number

*For students kindly attach a photocopy of your matric card.

You will receive the Reference Number from the organizer within 3 working days. Present this Reference Number during the event to register and redeem goodies.

Dateline for online registration and payment is 9/4/2017.

Participants are required to bring their Reference No. to the organizer upon the event day.…jk0eq3VGxIRjqXw/viewform

Register now for your charity run!


36 thoughts on “Online Registration

  1. Why Malaysians only? Is it only Malaysians that want to run, is it Malaysians that want to help the flood victims? NO, so why keep us out?
    I was considering sponsoring your race as well as running in it but you have killed those thoughts with your prejudice.
    Is this is what 1Malaysia means, you have hijacked the all inclusive brotherhood of runners with your approach?
    When will you organisers learn that us runners just want to run, run with all not run to your twisted rules that have no place in our sport.
    Malaysia is the ONLY country where I have ever come across this segregation.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We are doing this for Malaysians only because from our previous events which is RFL, RFL 2.0 Night Edition and RFL 3.0 we got so many complains there are too many non-Malaysians join our charity run and only their communities were dominated. So, the Malaysians felt very discriminated as the doesn’t have opportunity to win in the charity run. Moreover, we are lack of sponsors to make sure our event become bigger and bigger. If we have enough sponsors, maybe we can split the categories into Malaysian and non-Malaysian so there will be fair enough. I hope you understand our situations, because we doesn’t mean to be prejudice. Lastly, thanks for your feedback. We will try to improve more in next series.

      1. I did not received any notification from email for the reference number. Please advice.

    1. ada, untuk 50 pelari pertama yang menghabiskan larian dari kategori Terbuka dan 25 pelari pertama dari kategori Veteran.

      1. hai!
        50 pelari pertama maksudnya campur, 2-2 kategori men and women?
        ataupun 50 utk men, dan 50 utk women?

  2. I found some difficulties to transfer the registration free online! can I transfer by ATM ?

    1. Sorry, our system doesn’t mean to reply any completed registration. We will check your registration in our database and make sure to bring your proof of payment during the day. Thanks for join us!

  3. hai admin, sy pelajar master upm. Kad matrik pun ade lagi. Tapi saya takdela duduk dlm upm. So kira saya ni byr rm40 ke rm50?

  4. Salam organiser, harap bersabar dengan cemuhan2 yang diterima sebab tak bagi mereka2 ni masuk. Emosi gile rupenye diorang ni. Tergelak saya. Anyway good luck all who will join the race 🙂

  5. Hello,

    I already make payment for the participation fee. unfortunately I have to fly back to Kuching on the same day. can I get the refund for the fee please. ?

    1. Sir,, with all my respect, we kindly inform you that we are organising charity run,, we just not focus for running but at the same time we gave something valueble to those who are needed,, i think rm50 just small amount compared with the gift that you will get during afterlife ,, the fund will be donated to rumah bakti nur syahira,, hope you understand and join us,, “we run for charity, we run for life”

  6. How do I know if my registration has been successful? I completed the form and paid 2 days ago but have not received any email confirmation.

  7. saya sudah registered online hari ini. Boleh kah saya membuat bayaran pada hari larian 26 April ini (iaitu sebelum larian dan seterusnya mengambil racekit sekali)

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