Event History

Run For Life is one of the main program organized by Higher Student Council of Second College (MTM) with collaboration of Management of Second College every year since 2011/2012 session . This program is based on charity run that will contribute to any organization that needs help.

Run For Life

(2011/2012) , that is the first RFL is held on 5 May 2012 with collaboration with MAKNA ( National Cancer Council ).


Run For Life  2.0 : Night Edition

(2012/2013) ,  RFL 2.0 is a unique charity run which held at night.  RFL 2.0 : Night Edition this time collaborate with Persatuan Diabetes Malaysia (PDM).


Billboard 20'x12'

Run For Life 3.0 

(2013/2014), RFL 3.0 was held on 9th March 2014 to cite fund to help the orphans of Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera.


The main objective of RFL is  to help raise fund for the well being of all people especially those in need .

Run For Life 4.0 : a chance to change

(2014/2015),RFL 4.0 was held for four days from 23th – 26th April 2015. This charity event had collaborate with team Nahwan Nur to organized Festival Nasyid Interkolej (FESNIK). 



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